MSME SSI Registration 

MSME stands for micro, small and medium enterprises and any enterprise that falls under any of these three categories. MSME enterprises are the backbone of any economy and are an engine of economic growth, promoting equitable development for all.

The official link for registration of MSME SSI

Therefore, to support and promote MSMEs, the Government of India through various subsidies, schemes and incentives promote MSMEs through the MSMED Act. To avail the benefits under the MSMED Act from Central or State Government and the Banking Sector, MSME Registration is required.


Shop means any premises:

  • where goods are sold, either by retail, wholesale, or
  • Where services are rendered to customers.
  • It includes an office a store-room, godown, warehouse or work place, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with such trade/ business
  • A shop does not include a factory, a commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theater or other place of public amusement or entertainment;  

Registration Fee Structure

Sl. No No of employees Fees in INR
1 NIL 250-00
2 1 to 9 500-00
3 10 to 19 3,000-00
4 20 to 49 8,000-00
5 50 to 99 15,000-00
6 100 to 250 30,000-00
7 251 to 500 35,000-00
8 501 to 1000 45,000-00
9 above 1000 50,000-00