Service tax is a tax which is paid on the services provided from one to another. It is an indirect tax, which means normally service provider collect the tax from the service receiver and submitted to the Government. But in certain cases service receiver is liable to pay the service tax instead of service provider. This is called “reverse charge” in common language. Service tax is charged on all services except the services provided in the negative list of services.

Services Offered :

  • Registration under service tax.
  • Amendment or changes in registration.
  • Calculation and submission of service tax.
  • Filing of service tax returns.
  • Completion of service tax audit.
  • Reply of notice, if any received from the department.
  • Provide legal opinion in regard in applicability of service tax on specific service, abatement or exemption.
  • Update the companies regarding any amendment in law and the effect of that in their business.